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Lyfe Langmead

Lyfe was one of the original partners forming LAS Limited, a IT outsourcing company specialising in the legal market. Once LAS was sold, he focused on consulting Siebel CRM in 2005 before moving to Australia in 2008 and turning his attention to Dynamics CRM. Since then he has switched between lead consultant and delivery management roles at many of the leading Australian consultancies before forming Wild Dragons CRM to allow him complete control over the quality of deliverables the company can

  • Post: Managing Director
  • Experience: Over 12 years experience with Dynamics CRM
  • Qualification: BSc Computer Science (Hons), BEng Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering (Hons)

My Colleagues

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Software and Development Architect

Tomas Schulkes

Software and Development Architect

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Business Development and Marketing Strategy

Peter Carr

Sales & Marketing Manager

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Sales Consulting and Dragon Management

Michael Langmead

Non-executive Director

Lyfe Langmead

Managing Director